Thursday, April 12, 2012

SQL 2008 R2 SSIS Conenction Types

Connection TypeConnection Description
ADO To Connect ADO objects (Eg : Recordset)
ADO.NET To connect data sources through an ADO.NET provider (Eg : Data
CACHE To Connects a cache either in memory or in a file
MSOLAP100 To connect an Analysis Services database or cube.
EXCEL To connect an Excel worksheet.
FILE To connect a file or folder.
FLATFILE To connect delimited or fixed width flat files.
FTP To connect an FTP data source.
HTTP To connect an HTTP data source.
MSMQ To connect a Microsoft Message Queue.
MULTIFILE To connect a set of files, such as all text files on a particular hard drive.
MULTIFLATFILE To connect a set of flat files.
ODBC To connect an ODBC data source.
OLEDB To connect an OLE DB data source.
SMOSever To connect a server via SMO.
SMTP To connect a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server.
SQLMobile To connect a SQL Server Mobile database.
WMI To connect Windows Management Instrumentation data.

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