Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012

· ASP.NET Core Runtime and Framework
· Asynchronously Reading and Writing HTTP Requests and Responses
· Improvements to HttpRequest handling
· Asynchronously flushing a response
· Support for awaitand Task-Based Asynchronous Modules and Handlers
· Asynchronous HTTP modules
· Asynchronous HTTP handlers
· New ASP.NET Request Validation Features
· Deferred ("lazy") request validation
· Support for unvalidated requests
· AntiXSS Library
· Support for WebSockets Protocol
· Bundling and Minification
· Performance Improvements for Web Hosting
· Key Performance Factors
· Requirements for New Performance Features
· Sharing Common Assemblies
· Using multi-Core JIT compilation for faster startup
· Tuning garbage collection to optimize for memory
· Prefetching for web applications
· ASP.NET Web Forms
· Strongly Typed Data Controls
· Model Binding
· Selecting data
· Value providers
· Filtering by values from a control
· HTML Encoded Data-Binding Expressions
· Unobtrusive Validation
· HTML5 Updates
· ASP.NET Web Pages 2
· Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate
· Project Sharing Between Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate (Project Compatibility)
· Configuration Changes in ASP.NET 4.5 Website Templates
· Native Support in IIS 7 for ASP.NET Routing
· HTML Editor
· Smart Tasks
· WAI-ARIA support
· New HTML5 snippets
· Extract to user control
· IntelliSense for code nuggets in attributes
· Automatic renaming of matching tag when you rename an opening or closing tag
· Event handler generation
· Smart indent
· Auto-reduce statement completion
· JavaScript Editor
· Code outlining
· Brace matching
· Go to Definition
· ECMAScript5 support
· DOM IntelliSense
· VSDOC signature overloads
· Implicit references
· CSS Editor
· Auto-reduce statement completion
· Hierarchical indentation.
· CSS hacks support
· Vendor specific schemas (-moz-,-webkit)
· Commenting and uncommenting support
· Color picker
· Snippets
· Custom regions
· Page Inspector
· Publishing
· Publish profiles
· ASP.NET precompilation and merge
We will see each feature one by one in details.

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